doughDough deserves to have lines out the door. People like to line up for things like doughnuts, but this place is the real deal. The Cafe au Lait doughnut is amazing, amazing, amazing! The filled doughnuts always sell out, if you’re lucky enough to get one, savor it.


aitaAita was a brunch stop on a recent visit to Brooklyn. It’s a swank little restaurant with chic vintage flair, well-curated, not over adorned. The menu has options for every guest. I chose the montecristo, pretty basic, no minds blown. The dinner menu seems to be their focus, next time I’ll get a pasta dish.


pequenaMy love for Pequena began when I moved to Fort Greene. It was just across the street and filled with Mexican tchotchkes, how could I resist? Here’s the deal – not everything is great, the servers can be snarly, and the place can get crowded. However, if you are patient, order a regular margarita and the plantain and black bean quesadilla, you will leave happy. The tostadas are also a win, but don’t bother with the chicken.

Guid Forder: Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery


I’m ringing in the new year with a special section I call Guid Forder, or Good Luck. This is reserved for those wonderful occasions when I get to visit a craft brewery. Recently I was able to visit the esteemed Brooklyn Brewery and got to try some of their winter offerings. The visiting portion of the brewery contains a large open room with barrels for setting drinks down and large wooden tables for groups to sit. For $5 you can purchase a ticket that will buy you your choice of 6-8 draft offerings. The brewery can get packed, so get there early, take the tour and claim a spot.

First off was the Brooklyn Blast!, an Imperial IPA that lived up to its name. The crisp golden body and light carbonation masks the bold hop flavors. Pungent grapefruit and herbal notes emanate from the Blast’s nose. The finish is long, piney and full of citrus. Just try to keep in mind its ABV stands at 8.4%.

IMAG0184 (1)

Next up was the Brooklyn Winter Ale, a refreshing and lightly spicy Scotch ale. The Winter Ale pours a deep amber color with a foamy white head. Lots of malt, carmel, and dark fruit waft from the nose. Biscuit and roasted malt linger on the tongue with a hint of spice that keeps on giving.

Overall, the Brooklyn Brewery was a wonderful treat. This flagship of craft breweries doesn’t disappoint. If you have a chance, especially on a weekday, drop by and enjoy some fresh Brooklyn beer.

Black Swan

IMG_1301Brunch again – this time at Black Swan. It’s 11am and the bar is already full of customers watching the football game. We dine at the back of the restaurant underneath the skylight; a stark contrast to the dimly lit bar. They are known for making delicious bloody marys, but it’s strictly beer for me.

IMG_1307Two Organic Eggs






IMG_1305Rum French Toast – tastes like they use croissant bread, decadent!