Table Donkey Stick

tdsCold, tired of walking, and hungry, we found Table Donkey Stick. The restaurant was full, but we managed to get a table quickly. They were still serving the Valentine’s Day menu (a la carte), we ordered a few items and a bottle of wine, all PHENOMENAL.

Kumamoto oysters wrapped with cured pork – heavenly

Cheese plate with sunflower seed bread and honey – they could have just given me the bread and I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the cheese was missing, it was that good

Aged Duck entree and Cheesecake were also great, but the other two were out of control awesome! You must eat here!

The Radler

dasradlerThey have pretzels so I had to go. Unfortunately, I’ve had better (Bronwyn pretzels dominate all pretzels). I was also unhappy with the side of three mustards. They all had the same consistency with only mild flavor variations (my guess is they will improve with time and tweaking). But let’s talk about beer, tons of great options at The Radler! The space is ample and gorgeous, great for large parties.

Antique Taco

AntiquetacoI can’t say anything bad about Antique Taco. I’m in love with the place – the decor, food, everything about it makes me content. The food is delicious, honest, and simple. I haven’t gotten to the cheese curds just yet, but they are on my bucket list. They also have Half Acre beer, yielding oh so many points in my book!


coppervineCoppervine saved my Valentine’s Day this year! Though our table’s location (heavily trafficked) and size (tiny) was not ideal, at least we were able to get a reservation (Grass Fed decided to close with only a few days notice to make a new reservation and I’m still mad). I was intrigued by the drink pairings offered on the fixed v-day menu (beer, wine, and cocktail) and ready to get out of the frigid February temps of Chicago.

The meal was decent. I felt they stretched themselves thin, serving too many options and not mastering any of them. The cheese plate would be my top pick of the dinner. I would go back for the regular menu, their playfulness in pairing is exciting and unique, certainly cause for a return trip.