Antique Taco

AntiquetacoI can’t say anything bad about Antique Taco. I’m in love with the place – the decor, food, everything about it makes me content. The food is delicious, honest, and simple. I haven’t gotten to the cheese curds just yet, but they are on my bucket list. They also have Half Acre beer, yielding oh so many points in my book!

Lone Star Taco Bar

IMG_1581Somewhere between the cabbage and the price ($6), I fell in love with the Victory Club Nachos at Lone Star. I dump hot sauce on them, have a beer or mug-arita (depending on the mood) and I am happy. Other things I like here are the guacamole, fish taco, and tostadas. The menu is simple and the service is always friendly, nothing not to like!