Orlando for Thanksgiving

IMG_1241If you are thinking, “good places to eat in Orlando, impossible!”, this post will change your mind. I was skeptical, but we found some surprisingly good eats and they even have an Edible Orlando.

IMG_1207Stardust Video & Coffee

Coffee – good

Cinnamon Roll – passable

Ambiance – lovely, coffee by day and liquor by night. Quirky rustic decor.

Service – awful, picture a woman behind the counter chatting with a regular who has already been served while others are waiting. Then, when she has finally finished her conversation, the phone rings. Does she ask if they can hold (you know, since she has customers), no she does not. I am unapologetically bitter…


Blue Bird Bake Shop

A departure from the service at Stardust, the folks at Blue Bird are chipper and sweet (aptly named). Ample amounts of tempting goodies are there to greet you in this cute little bake shop!


Ravenous Pig

Love the name and am happy to report that the food is up to par as well!

Rock Shrimp Tacos

Rock Shrimp Tacos

Gatherer Salad

Gatherer Salad


Other great spots that I was unable to capture in photo form were The Wine Room and Luma.

Fireside Chat: 21st Amendment



If your image of the holiday season is conjured up by the aromas of spice, ginger, ripe cherries, plums and cocoa; sit down and enjoy a Fireside Chat. This aptly named winter ale, pours out a dark amber/light brown brew and will get you primed for the season. A smooth mouthfeel, with just a touch of bitterness, finishes off this spiced ale.



7.9%ABV | Spiced Ale

Tusker Premium Lager: East African Breweries (Kenya)


I am always on the lookout for something new, so when I ran into this lager, brewed in Kenya, I knew I had to try it. I wasn’t expecting much, something modeled after Budweiser perhaps, but I was pleasantly surprised with this beer’s drinkability. It pours an extravagantly bright golden color with a foamy white head. Notes of cereal, grain and a touch of honey can be found in its nose. The mouthfeel is light and carbonated. This is a fine example of a beer to drink on a warm summer day.


4.2% ABV | American Adjunct Lager

Toro Boston

IMG_1117Finally, I get myself to Toro! Sure, I had to race there in order to get two seats at the bar at 6pm (practically an early bird special!), but it was well worth the effort! Deciding which items to order proved to be ridiculously difficult, everything sounded amazing. The dishes, cocktails, and wine were superb! By the time 7pm rolled around, the ambiance at the bar became oppressive with the crowd, but other than that, no complaints!






Highland Kitchen

Highland Kitchen, always packed to the brim with people, I really wish they would expand or open up a second location (and maybe, just maybe, expand the draft list). I can’t blame anyone though, the food and service never ever disappoints and today was not an exception.

Buffalo Fried Brussel Sprouts

Buffalo Fried Brussel Sprouts


Left – Black Bean Burger, Right – Catfish Po’ Boy



A4 Cafe

IMG_0974A4, another Kendall Square standby. The pizza is delicious. The beer list has a ton of great choices and is constantly rotating. Having never been into their cafe for breakfast, I was excited to try their sticky bun (who can resist a sticky bun?). Forgive me for the missing picture, I was famished and it was delicious. The coffee, from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, was equally delectable!