Patisserie on Newbury

IMG_1555Patisserie on Newbury is a great option if you need to add some variety to your coffee routine around Newbury Street. The French roast was surprisingly tasty and the croissant wasn’t bad considering my geographic location. A few details: seating is limited (3 tables), they do not open until 8am, and they carry a wide variety of specialty goods (but the prices are steep in comparison to other specialty shops).

Estelle’s Boston


Spicy Smoked-Chicken Liver Deviled Eggs & Buffalo Brussel Sprouts with Blue Cheese

It’s late, I’m hungry, and then I see Estelle’s – salvation and salivation! A few reasons to love them: they have a mug club; they put chicken liver in their deviled eggs; and they have Hoodsie cups for dessert. I don’t know if I’ll make it through all the beers, but I’m going to try my hardest!

Cajun Turkey Burger

Cajun Turkey Burger


Ward 8

IMG_1372Newly opened Ward 8 is steps away from North Station and I’m relieved since winter has begun in Boston. The cocktails are delightful and the menu is full of great options. We look forward to returning soon (when they’ve had time to settle into the neighborhood).

IMG_1366Local Cheese Board – nothing out of the ordinary here, more crackers please






IMG_1369Lobster “Hole”

Toro Boston

IMG_1117Finally, I get myself to Toro! Sure, I had to race there in order to get two seats at the bar at 6pm (practically an early bird special!), but it was well worth the effort! Deciding which items to order proved to be ridiculously difficult, everything sounded amazing. The dishes, cocktails, and wine were superb! By the time 7pm rolled around, the ambiance at the bar became oppressive with the crowd, but other than that, no complaints!