The Biltmore

IMG_1548I don’t have to wander too far to find a pub in my neighborhood, but looking for a change of scenery I found myself at the Biltmore in Newton. Deviled eggs, burgers, and eight televisions – a good football Sunday if you care for that type of thing. They have daily specials, several drafts on rotation, and beer flights for $10 if that tickles your fancy.

Biltmore Burger

Biltmore Burger



Black Swan

IMG_1301Brunch again – this time at Black Swan. It’s 11am and the bar is already full of customers watching the football game. We dine at the back of the restaurant underneath the skylight; a stark contrast to the dimly lit bar. They are known for making delicious bloody marys, but it’s strictly beer for me.

IMG_1307Two Organic Eggs






IMG_1305Rum French Toast – tastes like they use croissant bread, decadent!