Strip T’s

My second visit, this time for lunch. Strip T’s is bustling on a Saturday afternoon and there’s a short wait for a table which gives me time to contemplate my order.

IMG_1686Duck Wings (Special for the day) – I was more enamored with the peanut sauce than the wings

IMG_1688Gravy Fries – not a fan of the type of cheese on these (some kind of sharp Italian), great fries though!

IMG_1689Japanese Eggplant Banh Mi – filling was overwhelmed by the bread and the eggplant by itself was too salty from all the soy sauce


Strip T’s – Watertown

Finally got to Strip T’s for dinner and I am excited to return for lunch! Though the food was delicious, the location, venue, and ambiance (I could barely hear my friends during the meal) didn’t match the prices (dinner prices, lunch is a different story).

photo (13)Wicked Small Caesar – ordered because I heard good things, it was good, but I’d try something else next time




photo (14)Tako Yaki – yum, definitely order if you go!




photo (12)Fried Lobster + Miso Stew – great broth, scrumptious lobster, turnips are not my fav




photo (11)Fried Ripe Plantains – tasty, liked the peanut crunch




photo (10)Sourdough Brioche Donut – sweet basil on my donut? Mind blown, so delicious!