Strip T’s – Watertown

Finally got to Strip T’s for dinner and I am excited to return for lunch! Though the food was delicious, the location, venue, and ambiance (I could barely hear my friends during the meal) didn’t match the prices (dinner prices, lunch is a different story).

photo (13)Wicked Small Caesar – ordered because I heard good things, it was good, but I’d try something else next time




photo (14)Tako Yaki – yum, definitely order if you go!




photo (12)Fried Lobster + Miso Stew – great broth, scrumptious lobster, turnips are not my fav




photo (11)Fried Ripe Plantains – tasty, liked the peanut crunch




photo (10)Sourdough Brioche Donut – sweet basil on my donut? Mind blown, so delicious!



Portland Day 2

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll

We begin our day with breakfast at Voodoo Donut Too; classic voodoo doll and an old fashioned maple cake donut. Would I stand in line for them? No. However, I do love a novelty and what’s more novel than a donut shop where you can get hitched (I’m pretty sure you can only marry at the main location though).

Strolling about the city, we worked up quite an appetite. For lunch we stop at Oven and Shaker for a kale salad and salami pizza. Ambiance, food, and service were fantastic!

Kale Salad

Kale Salad


Salami Pizza

Salami Pizza

Living in Boston, I am unaccustomed to happy hour. Five dollar cocktails and four dollar craft beers, I was like a kid in the candy store where all the Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bars (imported) cost a penny! It’s a dangerous discount. We stop in Clyde Common and sample a few beverages; punch, cocktail, beer. All lovely. Ninkasi Brewery’s Oatis is a notable mention (and I’m heartbroken they don’t sell anywhere around Massachusetts. Are you listening Ninkasi?).


Dinner at Noble Rot, the wait was something awful and in the end, we just sat at the bar. I recommend the Rot Meat plate and the view. They have a patio which must be spectacular when the weather is warm/dry enough.

Another trip to Roadside Attraction, just as great as the first time!