Wet Hop Lager & He Said (Baltic Porter & Tripel): Jack’s Abby & 21st Amendment



Wet Hop Lager, from Jack’s Abby, pours a pale gold color with a pillowy white head. The nose offers fresh baked bread, toffee, citrus and grass notes, while providing nice carbonation and a very clean finish in the mouth. Jack’s Abby ‘s Wet Hop Lager is wonderful take and unique approach to wet hopping    Notes:

5.2% ABV | American Pale Lager | 65 IBU

He Said (Baltic Porter), provides a refreshing take on the average pumpkin beer. This jet black beer pours with a thick tan head and heavy lacing. Pumpkin and pumpkin spice (clove, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon) permeate from the glass (think of liquid pumpkin pie port). The mouth is full bodied and slightly dry.

8.2% ABV | Pumpkin Baltic Porter

He Said (Tripel), combines just the right amount of spices together with the richness and yeasty flavors of a Belgian tripel. This beer is the exact opposite of its cousin (the Baltic Porter) that comes in the same box. Pouring a hazy gold, the He Said Tripel, provides cloves and nutmeg in its nose and finishes with a slight carmel aftertaste.

8.20% ABV | Pumpkin Belgian Tripel