Eating Berlin

kaeserieLa Soupe Populaire – tops my list of best restaurants in Berlin. The unique setting enhances the dining experience and the details alone are enough to keep you entertained. Service was as thoughtful as the food, wines were excellent, and if you’re wondering about the cover charge, it’s totally worth it! Menus in German and English.

La Kaeserie – once you’ve entered, you won’t want to leave. If there are free tables, stay for a cheese plate that will not disappoint! I wanted to bring back all the cheese and unpasteurized butter…

Street food Thursday at Markthalle Neun – outstanding street food night!! Bao, jams, fish and chips, New York pastrami sandwiches, smoked fish, Aussie meat pies, wine and cheese plates and I could go on. If you’re around on a Thursday evening in Berlin, this is the place to be.

Aguevo – yummy Mexican spot

Rembrandt Burger – solid burgers and fries

Burger Meister – honestly, I didn’t picture myself waiting for a burger underneath a train station, let alone eating there. I did both. It’s the Berlin version of Shake Shack and yes, it’s tasty.

Brezel Company – because you want a pretzel, because they have pretzels stuffed with cream cheese (genius!).


Silo – super cute cafe, Australian owners, great coffee and deliciously fresh eats.

Five Elephant – good coffee, not many food items, friendly service.

Am Ende der Welt – near Hamburger Bahnof museum, small selection of food.


Hopfenreich – craft beer, local and imports, selection rotates often. Drafts are available in different sizes.

Bier Lieb – craft beer store, fun selection!

Die Apotheken Bar – crazy good cocktails (board games too)

Heiden Peters – some of best local beer I had

Hops and Barley – popular local brewery, good stuff, constantly rotating selection