Portland Day 5 & 6

20131011-132241.jpgBreakfast at Heart. Croissant, maple scone, and an almond milk latte. The décor is really cute and the roaster behind the bar area certainly adds a bit of charm. The coffee was good, but the baked goods were just alright. I did enjoy that they offered pretzels for breakfast, but did not indulge.

Lunch at Olympic Provisions, stellar! We ordered 3 cheeses (BLEU D’AUVERGNE, France; COWGIRL CREAMERY MT TAM, California; CYPRESS GROVE MIDNIGHT MOON, California), the Spanish charcuterie board (two Spanish salamis, lomo, jamon york, fresh chorizo, Caña de Cabra), a pickled egg, and pork rillettes. We sat at the bar and watched them artfully prepare our meal, ate everything, and wished would could rewind and do it again.



No photos for the rest of the trip, but in the evening we headed out for drinks at New Old Lampoc. Then more drinks and a nosh (smoked cheddar and tasso grit sticks) at Southland Whiskey Kitchen. Having had zero Mexican food during my whole trip, I have a craving that cannot be ignored. We find our way to Santeria, a little Mexican place which also goes by “titty taco” since they share a bathroom with the strip club downstairs. The food is solid and I am happy to be eating guacamole again!


Heading home super early with a stopover in Chicago, I just mention this because Rick Bayless is a saint for creating edible airport food. Thanks to Frontera, my layover was actually pleasant.