Box Kitchen

IMG_2515Apart from New York City, one is pressed to find late night eats in the U.S. (clarification: food you want to eat). I found myself in downtown SF starving at 11pm, in need of something more than a “small plate”. Connected to a dive bar is a little hole in the wall serving up eats until 1am, Box Kitchen. I’m immediately skeptical. The drunken early twenties crowd outside¬†would probably eat anything. As usual, hunger takes over, garlic fries are sounding pretty great. I break down…and they are delicious! So delicious that I order another round of fries and a burger. Simple, tasty, open late, and a great draft selection at Tempest Bar. Sorry for judging you twenties crowd, you were right!

Dutch Boy Burger and Franklin Park – Brooklyn

Beer garden at Franklin Park

Beer garden at Franklin Park

Burgers, beer garden, skee ball, photo booth – it’s a crowd pleaser! Dutch Boy Burger and Franklin Park are connected, allowing guests the options of eating at Dutch Boy (diner decor and seating) or at the bar or beer garden at Franklin Park. With winter just around the corner, we decide to park ourselves at a picnic table in the beer garden.

photo (4)We order a turkey burger, lamb burger, and sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries with maple mayo are the highlight of the meal. Addictive and not overly sweet, the maple mayo wins me over! The beer list is decent, with plenty of options to please everyone at your table.