Boston Burger Company – Somerville

killerbeeLiving near Davis Square I’m used to being surrounded by college students for most of the year. However, I must not be frequenting the same establishments as the bright minds of Tufts University because when I sat down at Boston Burger Company, surrounded by students (and even their friends standing over my table because they were on their way out but still chatting), I felt outnumbered and old. The burger list at BBC is long and it’s tough to make a choice, but I go with the Killer Bee (American cheese, bacon, onions, honey bbq sauce) and some fries (because their burgers are served with chips).

friesThe fries come out first. I don’t know why, I remember saying I wanted them at the same time as the burger, but I’m hungry (maybe she knew?). If you’re a fan of thick steak fries, you’ll enjoy the fries here. Personally, I prefer a thinner cut. The burger is just okay. This isn’t my first time ordering a burger here either nd I always have the same comment – underseasoned. The onion rings and bbq sauce are the best part!