Brite Space Boston – Donut + Cocktail Pairing with Union Square Donuts + backbar

ebBrite Space Boston is an Eventbrite pop-up space hosting events to engage the Boston community and highlight local makers and businesses. We attended the donut and cocktail pairing with donuts from Union Square Donuts and cocktails from backbar’s Sam Treadway. Josh Danoff and Sam talked briefly about their history; how they ended up in the food and beverage industry, how they found themselves in Union Square, and their plans for the future (a jelly donut for USQ and a new restaurant for Sam). Then, we got to taste, and everything tasted GOOD. Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch donut and orange juice with Amaretto were my two favorites. Thanks to Sara for putting these stellar events together! I hope the success sparks more like it in the future.

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